How do you get rid of holes on your face from piercings?

Answer #1

No idea, I’m assuming if you just leave the piercing out it would end up healing up and closing on its own. No idea though, don’t have any piercings, probably depends on how long you’ve had the piercing and where it is. Just some random guesses though

Answer #2

probably use make up or special little bandages that can go on top or in the hole… try experimenting…. something homemade can work…

Answer #3

If you take your piercing out and make sure to wash your skin as usual. It’s helpful if you avoid putting make-up on it to cover up. How long it takes to close up depends on your skin type and where the piercing was. Usually though, most piercings will close within 1 to 2 months.

Answer #4

I wouldn’t recommend putting make-up near the hole you’re trying to make heal. It would almost definitely make it harder for it to heal. So while it may hide it short term, you’re going to have to become really good friends with it to keep it up. I’ve seen older people who have piercings remaining from when they are teenagers, I think there’s certain piercings where the holes simply never fully heal, depending on the person. It would help if you said which piercing it was you got.

Answer #5

I took one of my lip piercings out 7 years ago and the hole is still visible. My tongue piercing I took out 4 years ago is still visible as well. I’m starting to the holes will always be visible.

Answer #6

*starting to wonder if the holes will always be visible.

Answer #7

well you really just ahve to wait for them to grow back :P if it really bothers you though you could cover it up with makeup

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