How to get rid of a dried up throat?

Hey! Im playing a gaelic football match tomorow and whenever Im playing my throat gets really dry and I get to the point where I cant nearly breath!! Its really sore!! I do be running up and down the field so that why I get so tired!! Any suggestions?? Please help! :D x

Answer #1

stay hydrated

Answer #2

I do though! I drink loads of water before I play! I cant drink during the game though..

Answer #3

drink a lot of water like 2 or 3 HOURS BEFORE the game. and like sydney said stay hydrated.

Answer #4

Okay thanks! :) I heard chewing gum works? But im afraid Id choke on it! lol Have you heard about that?

Answer #5

it does work but you can only chew it for so long. haha. otherwise it starts making your mouth even more dry. my friend is a crosscountry runner and he drink one of those HUGE bottles of powerade instead of water. im a water person tho. lol.

Answer #6

Mmmmm powerade sounds good!! Im not a big fan of water i hate it i just drink it to try and stay hydrated! Soo does powerade work???

Answer #7

maybe you should get a big thing of powerade and drink it throughout the day before you have to go to your game

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