How can I get rid of a black eye?

Or at least sooth the pain?

Answer #1

Put sometihing cold on it, like a bag of frozen pees? :)

Answer #2

What has Steph done to you? LMAO….

Answer #3

Lmao. I didn’t do anything ;) jokes, he got into a fight at the mall.

Answer #4

I thought so… What happened? Did he win? :P

Answer #5

Lol, some guy started pushing him for nothing, so he started throwing punches and then they were going at each other for a good 5 minutes and then the cops came and broke it up. I think it was more of a tye lol, they both did the same amount of damage :P

Answer #6

if you want to get rid of it just rub the bruise as it gets the circulation round. Bruises are just dead blood cells so if you move them around it will go.

Answer #7

Put and ice bad,or a bad with frozen vegetables and such, cold stuff helps them, also try putting a stake on your eye, its weird but it works for it.

Answer #8

Poor, Cory…. Well, thank God that he is in the right hands now. Take him a good rest.

Answer #9

steak doesnt do anything. thats a common myth. i posted the answer on your profile dude. try it it works for me

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