What is revelotions?

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Is it when something is reveald by humanity by god?

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Then what??

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Revolution is like, a drastic change in thinking or acting.

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emm...not revolutions, revelations?

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Revelotions i mean :/

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oh :-)

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In religion and theology, revelation is the revealing or disclosing,through active or passive communication with supernatural entities. Thats from wikipedia.

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lol ok :)

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The title "Revelations" is given to the last chapter in the Bible. It is also called "The Revelation to St. John the Divine" or the "Book of the Apocalypse". It describes "Armageddon" and the "Last Judgment".

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I know that :)

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it is when god reveals something to man that will help the person, ppl, or over all existance
Revelation, the book of the Bible, is when God showed the appostle John things about Himself, the days that we are both living in and have yet to see, and metaphors that we still are trying to figure out

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