healthiest amount of calories you can restrict yourself to?

I was wondering what is the healthiest amount of calories you can restrict yourself to ?or before your body goes into starvation mode? chloe.x

Answer #1

it’s varies depending on sex, height, metabolism, etc. you’d have to work out your BMR. there are calculators on the net or ask your dr to test you. anyone who goes under 1,000 cal’s per day will go into starvation mode.

Answer #2

if you are a girl which I assume you are I defiantley would say 1200. I am 100 percent positive that you shouldnt go below that to get all the nutrients you need and so your metabolism does not slow down

Answer #3

2000 would be the healthy way. 1500 is pushing it… But that should be the LEAST Never go under 1000

Answer #4

2,000 calories a day are recommended to be healthy.

Answer #5

I try to keep mine around four hundred billion but thats just me

Answer #6

I’ve heard about 1,500, to be healthy.

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