Removing scratches.

I have a bunch of scratches on my legs & I’m wearing a skirt tomorrow for a semi-formal occasion. Is there any way I can make my scratches less noticeable? (They’re not deep cuts. They are from working/exploring in this forest thing in my backyard & tree branches kept scraping against them.)

Answer #1

Okeydokey. Yes, the second half of your advice was good. (:

Answer #2

well first put some foundation or presed powder to the cuts then wear some tights with it.

Answer #3

Wow, try growing up. I can’t believe how old YOU are. :(

Anyway, the tights thing is actually a good idea. They’re so OUT, but maybe I’ll wear them anyway. Thanks!

Answer #4

lol. ^^. yah, your not THAT old. lol. jkjkjkjk. ^^. do try tights to cover it up./ ^^. and dont be offended. your very wise now. ^^ lol. ahjahha! I think that the tights are the best idea, but try putting lotion and neosporin and stuff over it, because sometimes the scars can still show through the tights. id know. lol. im a dancer, so we have to wear tights for our costumes. ^_^

Answer #5

umm, lotion? lol. actually, itll just really take time to heal, but try putting lotion on them. or neosporin. or some scar cream. but time would be the best, and you dont have that.

Answer #6

Whoopsie - didn’t mean to offend you then. (: I just get annoyed when guys degrade women like that. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

& thanks for the advice aliyah. (:

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