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Rememberance Day!

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Hey guys
as you all know, rememberance day is coming up.
Today was our Rememberance Day service at school, and I was in chard eof running it. I had a local war veteran come and be a guest of honour, and as I was talking to him , it really hit me how many people he has lost in war. Friends, brothers and sisters, and leaders.
I was wondernig , for all you canadians out there, what is your take on the war in Iraq?
how do you feel about our soldiers being over there???
today, at the service, there was a slide show, with 90 canadian soldiers who had died over there, it showed their picture, their name, where they lived, and how many kids they had. it was really sad because most of them were only in their twentys!
anywho, I was just wondering how you all felt about that, about loosing so many good men and women, for americas war?