Does anyone remember what the name of the shampoo was a while back that you used to make your striaght hair curly,after your shower?

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Are you talking about Wash & Curl by Nutra Care? Supposedly it doesn't work very well. I don't think you can make you hair curly with a shampoo, just bring out natural curls. If that's the case, you might just be stuck with curling your hair when it's dry and hairspraying it to death.

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I have nooo idea.. It was a few years back... but I never got any...
And my hair sucks at curling :( lol

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Not sure about the one you are talking about, but you could try Redken Ringlet. You put it through your hair after washing it and it will enhance natural curl or waves. It's very good.

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i used that when i was like 10....doesn't work at ALL!

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You should try the Toni & Guy spray. It makes your hair wavy. i have quite straight hair as well so it does help make your hair curly. But I agree with Annie, shampoo generally doesnt help much.

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