What religion is judas in?

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Judas as in one of the twelve twelve disciples?
hes the one who betrayed Jesus...hes in the New Testament so its Christianity

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didn't mean to repeat twelve lol

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isnt he like close to saitn or sumthn?
cuz he completley betrayed Jesus.

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I don't think he was close to satan as much as people will link him to satanic things because he did betray christ.

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There are various ways to interpret this. Remember that Jesus knew that Judas would hand him over long beforehand. If Jesus didn't want to be apprehended he had ample opportunity to intervene. If Judas didn't hand Jesus over than Jesus could never be the blood sacrifice to atone for mankind's sin. If Judas was fulfilling God's plan than how is this a betrayal? While Judas is often interpreted as simply a turncoat and a bad person in various church teachings he is one of the more complex and puzzling characters in Christianity.


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I don't mean to take a position on this, but here's a different view of Judas:


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Sorry, I meant to embed the youtube video. Just click if you want to hear Leon Rosselson's song, "Stand Up For Judas."

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He was Jewish... and a rumoured zealot (rebellious group).

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Ok, here's that song video I meant to post before:


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Wow. I'm not religious, but isn't this kind of offensive to anyone even remotely associated with Christianity?

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He's in the Christian religion. He betrayed Jesus for petty coins but later he couldn't handle the grief of turning in the Son of God so he killed himself.

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