Which religion is this?

what is the religion that believes we were put here by alien gods?

Answer #1

I agree with arachnid, I think it is Scientology which was founded by L. Ron Hubbard a Science Fiction author.

Answer #2

Scientology more or less fits that description, if you can call it a religion.

Answer #3

Mormons I think.

Answer #4

I think the whole idea about religion and how did it start… its some freakin aleins messing with our minds… jesus was an alien… aliens planted their dna in marys body and thats how she got pregnant when she was a virgin, mohammed was visited by an alien that told him he was an angel and make him write the quran… just some aliens messing with our minds trying to get us brainwashed to see the truth…which is that there is no apocalypse… the real end to this world is that the aliens are comming back to earth to take over it… well you see I dont believe that theres a religion that believes in the same theory.. this is my own opinion “no offence 4 all you religious people, I respect you as long as thats your real choice”… this is what I really believe in… and if there is really a religion based on the same point… then tell me whats its name and how can I convert!!!

Answer #5

There are a few. I had a biochemistry lecturer in my first year of uni who spent a whole lecture mocking some of them for some reason. I think he was talking about unarians or something. There is a website called zetatalk, its pretty strange…

Answer #6

def. is not mormons although i find that quite funny because i have family that are part of the mormon religion and they believe that they are the only TRUE church

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