What is your religious faith?

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No one has ask me what me religion is.

religion doesnt cause war

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What religion are you and why??
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You are not the one who started an argument at all. Don't feel that way. It's people who come on here that put down other religions that start the argument, she was uncalled for and it's not your fault.

Spirituality, morality, and religion?

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I did not intend to start an arguement and cause each of you to put the other down.

I just asked a question.

What religions promote peace?
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Please do not insult my religion as I never insulted yours. The question was asking what religion each user was and I answered. I dont need you picking mine apart. Also, LeVeyan Satanism does NOT believe in Satan, period.

best religion

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I do find it hard to swallow that people will not believe in God,
but choose to follow Anton Lavey and Charles Manson in a "story" believing in the Chruch of Satan and the Bogeman.

What was the religion of abraham?
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What does Anton Levay have to do with the boogey man may I ask? I find that kind of insulting.

Obviously you dont understand what the LeVeyan version of satanism is to begin with. The religion has to do with "an eye for an eye", self -indulgence, individualism, and a lot more. It's mainly the rejection of Christianity's denial of life and emphasis on guilt and abstinance. It's about not being ashamed of doing things our bodies were went to do and things that are human nature. It's very different than Theistic Satanism, in the fact that they do not worship or even believe in Satan. Instead we use Satan as a symbol for people's inner desires. It focuses on self-perfection and where immorality and high intelligence are strived for.

What is the relion of islam.and the religion of budhism

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I am currently an Atheist - although I am leaning towards Levayian Satanism most days. There is still more I would like to learn about it before I decide.

Is it possible to be a feminist in your religion?
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I believe in God.
So Christian.

Should law or religion be an instrument of global social change?
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Baptist - He paid the price for me and you, Amen !!

same here man. baptist all the way

What's with religion
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I am a Christian.

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I have no faith in a higher power...

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Roman Catholic and very happy with it :]]

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Roman Catholic

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Athiest all the way!

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Baptist - He paid the price for me and you, Amen !!

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"I'm one helluva liar. Most of my adult life, I've been accused of being a charlatan, a phony, an impostor.
I guess that makes me about as close to what the Devil's supposed to be, as anyone. It's true. I lie
constantly, incessantly. Because I lie so often, I'd really be full of sh*t if I didn't keep my mouth shut
and my bowels open."

- Anton LaVey, Satan Speaks, page 101

"The Bigger the Lie, the More the People will Believe it" - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Sounds like a real leader.

Any other question?

There is no other "proof" of existance of satan aside form the bible, Remember, He was a fallen angel of God.

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