How do you relieve stomach pain without medication?

Answer #1

This sounds kinda weird but it works for me when I don’t have midol. Lay down on your back & like, roll your wrists on each side of the edge of your rib cage in a circle kinda motion, I don’t know how to explain it. Dx Orrrrr eating bananas.

Answer #2

Herbal/chamomile tea with a spoon of honey. Try lying down on your stomach for a little while. Put a heatpad on your stomach. If your stomach is still bothering you, drink some Sprite or 7 Up.

Answer #3

i dont have any of those drinks or a heatpad, ill try laying on it

Answer #4

You can also try lying down flat on your back and putting your feet up on a couple of pillows. It’s meant to relieve pain.

Answer #5

Meditation/Visualization has a great effect. I found success in relieving my flat foot pain by it.

Answer #6

Not sure if you count this as proper medication, can you can get pills which are pure charcoal, assuming your stomach ache is caused by something bad inside your stomach, then the charcoal in a way ‘eats up’ the bad stuff. A side effect is that it also ‘eats up’ good stuff, but good stuff I mean like nutrients which are still in your stomach, so avoid eating anything healthy before and after taking one.

Answer #7

Just don’t think about it (: think the more you complain like uggh I have a stomach ache the more its going to hurt (:

Answer #8

Drink water, try avoiding spicy food. Lay down on your stomach for a while.

Answer #9

Grated apples. And Cooked Carrots. My doctor always recommended that and it works.

Answer #10

not banana, baby. Banana is sour and only going to make it worse. Avocado as Irene suggested is better :-)

Answer #11

It is like saying, pain is on your mind :-)

Answer #12

lmaooo well it works(: the more I complain the more it hurts or the more I cry the more it hurts what ever you do just say that & it will go away if not then just breath (:

Answer #13

this works for me all the time get a hot water bottle thing..fill it with hot water and lay down on ur side jst leaning on it a bit…it helps alot!

Answer #14

Take a warm bath, or place a hot water bottle on your stomach.

Answer #15

Lie on your side and ben your knees, that ussually helps a lot. You can also try to rub it with oil, I know it sounds wierd but it helps.

Answer #16

Depends on what is causing it. If it is period cramps, then a warm bath will help. If it is a stomachache, try some sprite and crackers.

Answer #17

What kind of stomach pain? Muscle cramps? Gas/constipation? Nausea? Indigestion? Something else?

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