Relaxing tips?

Does any one know of any tips for relaxing? Getting your mind off something?

Answer #1

I agree, yoga. It takes a while, well at least for me, to get into the habit of enjoying it and taking it seriously. Turn up the music while doing some downward dogs or cats breath or child’s pose. Also, intense poses help you become distracted and focus on your body. After this you’ll be so relaxed and not exhausted and you’ll just drift into a deep sleep.

sound like a total yoga nerd.

but hope I helped. : D

Answer #2

well light and sky blue is sapose to relax you

Answer #3

Yoga! Stretching, Dancing, Gardening, Laying in the sun, Taking Pictures, Just letting your mind wander. =]

Answer #4

Turn your TV on to the Jazz music channel and lay down in bed in the dark with your eyes closed and don’t think about anything at all. Put the volume at a low pitch so it’s very relaxing.

Answer #5

listening to music is a great way, like just put on your ipod or something and listen and sind along to some music.

Chewing gum also can help sometimes, and think of somehing completly random, like what you would tell your best friend if you could tell her anything just random thiings also, keep a steady breath and breath in through your nose and out through our mouth

Answer #6


Answer #7

chewing gum helps me and listening to happy music and dancing like a chicken lolz

Answer #8

Driving really fast while listening to your favorite CD with the windows down

Answer #9

hahaha I went to six flags on sunday and they made me get on viper, and suprisingly when I got off, I was relaxed

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