How do you relax your parents?

My mother seems to be stressing herself out a lot lately and I kinda want her to just relax and take it easy, is there anything that I can do to her to help her relax?

Answer #1

Give her a massage.! That’s what I do… Or you could just do some housework for her to atleast get that off her shoulders…. :)

Answer #2

you can simply talk with her about whether something’s wrong. or if you dont want to ask, then just talk with her about your day and what’s going on in your life, or how school was.

Answer #3

I moved out…lol……Why don’t you just help out a little more around the house…I know that would ease a lot of my stress (now how can I get my kids to read this?)

Answer #4

I wish these would work but they just don’t – my mom is a tough lady, she’s not easy to persuade to talk. I’ve been trying for years and it just doesn’t happen.

Answer #5

Housework seems like the only reasonable option for me then! :/ disappointing but if it works then terrific :)

Answer #6

Are you advising a 15 year old to move out… and go where? Tsk tsk Colleen, such a bad move by your part :P

Answer #7

I moved out when I was 15…what are you - useless? lol …actually, I’m telling you to do housework…see^? See what it says up there^? (^_^)

Answer #8


Answer #9

My mom’s weird, she says it’s relaxing when I brush her hair.

Answer #10

i was out at 15 too ;)

Answer #11

Guess kids these days just aren’t as mature as we were at 15, eh Matty ;)

Answer #12

LoL that’s pretty weird but it does feel good. ! Me and my friends do that to each other… when were bored. :)

Answer #13

Chauvinists.. >_>

Answer #14

I think this is just awesome, terrific idea! :)

Answer #15

thats iit.. i mean at 15 i was on a YTS doing bricklaying and earning a living and had council pay for my accommodation..

times change dont they colleen and i think the youth of today are pretty much stuck at a dead end cus they havent got what we had and that includes the schooling :)

Answer #16

Cool :)

Answer #17

I stopped coming out of room, only to eat. that and getting A’s seems to make them happy

Answer #18

my room

Answer #19

sedatives. Nuff said ;)

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