relationship ( friends interfere and screw it up)

il my boyfriend sooo much he proposed and is getting me a promise ring soon and were madly in love… But there are so many people that interfere with our relationship it hurts us so bad like I’ve been crying every day for the past week or two and its bc of people and even when we try to get rid if those people they tend to always come back and I am afraid I am losing him. any advice???

Answer #1

Awww… It sounds nice, Now for you’re problem:

What do they do when they interfere? If they call you names and mean stuff: Ignore them and stop doing this to you’re self and you’re boyfriend!

If they are using physical abuse or harassment then talk to an authority figure! I cannot stand a bad relationship! Just please tell me whats wrong and I’ll try and help more if needed!

Answer #2

Love is not easy, I don;t know why they are interfering. Are you to young, his he to old. I had a promise ring when I was 16 and my mom was a little worried and all her friends kept telling her it was just a ring and could be given back. And you know what we did break up and he did get it back. So I think parents need to relize that it means a lot to you but if it works that is great, and if it does not then you just break up. They should not freak out. it is not marriage and pregnacy.

Answer #3

Other people may try to interfere…but only the TWO of YOU can allow it to happen…ignore the interference…


Answer #4

If he really loves you then what other people say and do should not hurt your relationship he should only care about what you say and what you do . No one elses opinion should matter to him but yours. I had the same problem and everything worked out for me and hopefully things will work for you to. I am 16 and I am getting married in 3 months and a lot of people are triing to intefere and my mom always says bad and rude things about it and him. But he is dating me and we are in love if my mom don’t like him that is her problem he’s not in this relationship for her . And he is not in ya’lls relationship for those other people he’s in it for you. Hope everthing works out.

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