Regretful Wars

in your opinion, what is the more regretful, U.S involved, war in history. why?

Answer #1

…the US civil war.

The US civil war mostly destroyed states’ rights, allowing the federal government to become the all pervasive leviathan it has become.

Answer #2

I vote for Viet Nam and then Iraq also.

Answer #3

Any answer to this question is going to be extremely subjective. It depends on how you define regretful. To me I would say that regret over a particular war would be because it was unnecessary. Using that definition, I would say Viet Nam would be the most regretful, followed by Iraq.

Answer #4

I agree the civil war gave WAY too much power to the federal government although they tell us otherwise and sad thing is we believe all the bullsh*t. The north gave the whole free blacks but the south wanted independence. after the civil war the blacks werent really freed just given a different title is all when you look at it.

Answer #5

Blacks were free during reconstruction, while union troops were there to enforce the 12th, 13th, and 14th ammendments. At that time, the first blacks were even elected to congress. However, once the union troops left after reconstruction, Jim Crow took over, and a new kind of slavery began that lasted until the civil rights movement in the 50’s and 60’s.

Answer #6

Every war.

Answer #7

The Cold War, Viet Nam, and the present war going on…

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