Is there anything you regret giving up as a kid?

(sport, instrument…)

Answer #1

Swmming, I used to love it, but doing something so much got on my nerves, now i regret it cause i’ll never be able to get back to how good i used to be :(

Answer #2

I regret not doing anything,id rather have been embarrased and did something at least

Answer #3

I was on the step team and dance but dropped it all as I got older. Regret it so much just imagining how much better i would be now :(

Answer #4

My Easy-Bake Oven, that thing kicked ass.

They changed the style of them now. I remember a pink and purple one I think, but know they have green ones. Wht the hell, man? Youre mesing with a classic! That’s like having Galaga on our XBox, you cant do that! You need to go play it on the old school arcade machine! WHAT’S THIS CRUEL WORLD COMING TO?!?!?!?! D:

Answer #5

I regret hveing my childhood taken away, but I guess I didn’t have a choice in that :-(

Answer #6

Dancing, I used to be a great tap and ballet dancer. :(

Answer #7

my parents have supported me in everything in i do so i can’t remember regretting anything

Answer #8

Dancing, I did ballet, some hiphop and cultural dance.

Answer #9

agreed! :)

Answer #10

I regret giving up basketball and playing the saxophone. Both were things I enjoyed and did well at.

Answer #11

I regret a lot of things… I remember as a kid, roller skates were so in…and til i finally got the beautiful white with strawberry shortcake pic on the sides & the white pompoms in the front…I was simply ecstatic! I started roller skating in the apt because back then we were too poor to have carpeting, so we simply had the brown tiles the apt came with. I did a few spins & slipped so of course I fell down, they werent smooth tiles, they had straight markings on them and the moment my mother heard me slip & hurt my hand…she screamed at me in panic & said I knew I never should have gotten you these damn skates & literally cut them right in front of me and never got me another pair ever again…What a traumatic experience!!! I always regretted that, I really loved roller skating and was really good at it too at the roller ring.

Another was…We were too poor to have much, piano lessons were a no no nor a piano so I just pressed some keys as if I was pretending to play on my aunt’s piano when ever we visited…thank god it was in the basement. Who knows perhaps if I would have had one it would have boosted my singing career Today! I always regretted the fact that my mother never heard me play…

Another was when I was performing my dance recitals (yes I used to dance…ballet & flamenco) My parents were always too busy to ever see me perform…same with my acting…plays like the wizard of oz…or my singing recitals…while all the other kids had parents, brothers & sisters, grandparents, even cousins…I had no one when i was looking out there on stage…I dont think there is a worse feeling for a child then knowing their family simply arent there for them to cheer them on or simply be proud of them…Facts of life…you’re always alone when it really matters! (at least I am!)

Answer #12

Nope. Nothing.

Answer #13

Dancing, I use to do tap dancing, ballet and hip-hop, and one day I Just gave it up and know I really wish I could go back and also it makes me wonder how good I would be now if I has countinued.

Answer #14

Oh my god, I just want to hug you right now.

Answer #15

awe, sweetie…thnx…hugs right back at u ♥

Answer #16

i still have mine

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