What do you consider to be "redneck, hillbilly or country"?

Answer #1

Someone from the south who acts like a hillbilly. Lives on a farm, couch in there front yard, racist, no up-to-date technology. Southern accent of course. So basically, my family, hahahha. (: This is not intended to offend anyone.

Answer #2

Someone who lives in the country or in the woods and does things to be cheap or that’s gross and out-of the ordinary. Ex: Someone living in a bus parked on their lawn. And I’d think that they’d make horrible jokes, sing old folk songs, and wear overalls with holes all over the knees…idk, there’s a lot of rednecks who live in the woods where I live-I could pick one outta a bunch xD

Answer #3

Im from southern Louisiana…even just saying that, im presumed to be a redneck/hillbilly. While alot of the stereotypes aren’t true for most of us, some of them are.

For example:

  • I have been “frog’in” several times. -My parents do in fact have a nonworking dryer and washing machine on their back portch accomponied by a television with cable hooked up and a sofa. -I drive by a swamp daily. -Im not ashamed to say i have been cow tipping. -Ya’ll is my prefered terminology. -My husband believes he is “dressing up” when he puts on his good blue jeans, steel toe boots, and lynard skynard shirt.
Answer #4

Someone who has had their front teeth hit out during a fight, has a dirty skin from too much drinking, wears fashion that is either way too revealing or very old.

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