Redbull. Does it really have alcohol in it?

Does it really have alcohol in it? I know thats a stupid question, I think it is. But like some of my friends are saying that there is. I’m confused! Haha!

Answer #1

I’m a redbull-alcoholic and it has no alcohol in it what so ever and im 13!!!

Answer #2

Your Friends are Stupid

Answer #3

I luv red bull it gives you wings… either that or lots of drugs

Answer #4

There is a Redbull Beer, but if you’re talking about the energy drink, then no.

Answer #5

It’s not “tori,” it’s “taurine.”

Answer #6

Haha, eew. Thanks hahaha.

Answer #7

If there was alcohol in it there would be a legal age for buying it, which there isn’t, so obviously there is no alcohol.

Answer #8

No, but there is something called Tori thats in it, which contains stuff from bulls (yes, REAL bulls, like toro toro bulls) no-no’s. And I’m not just saying this. It’s a proven fact. Ick.

Answer #9

..and it is banned in many countries, including Norway, because of its very high concentrations of caffeine and taurin.

Stick to fresh juice!

Answer #10

red bull has a lot of caffene but no alchol but I once herd that that this guy died cauce he took some drug and wached it down with red bull :/

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