Is red bull beer or an energy drink?

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If there was BEER in it there would have to be a legal age to buy it, which here isn't, it's an energy drink.

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There is a Red Bull beer (you have to be age of majority to purchase it) AND a Red Bull energy drink.

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energy drink but I have heard that if you drink so many that it could give you some heart prombels

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Energy Drink
&& there bomb but they do cause heart problems

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ewww... I hate red bull... it tastes like medicine!

Its an energy frink :D

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energy drink. That crap isn't good for your kidneys.

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its an energy drink

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Energy drink

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there is also a beer... im going out a limb here, and thinking the beer was established way before the energy drink

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It is both. My dad drank a Schlitz Malt Liquor Beer called Red Bull, which was made before the energy drink. My dad drank it for 19+ years and they discontinued it.

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im so addicted to red bull and I'm 14 and we have mini fridge which is filled with red-bull!

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