How to recreate a spa-like experience at home?

Answer #1

own a spa. seriously for about 1200.00 you can build one in your house

Answer #2

Well,Make a giant hole in your Yard or Backyard and stick Glass togther like a swimming pool then let it dry….You still have to pay people for doing that

Answer #3

i was thinking sunna

Answer #4

I do not think we could afford that and if we did my mother would not agree. Thank you for the advice

Answer #5

buy or make facial creams/ mask. (find some to make obnline). Do each others nails and hair. I love these things there fun and just what a girls need every now and then

Answer #6

Pick up a few scented candles from the dollar store and set them up in a dim-lighted room. Put on some soft music of your choice (most prefer tranquil tunes). Set up a chair that you can lean back in and set up two small tables on each side of the chair and fill with warm water (filled with bath salt, orbees, body wash, or plain water alone). Do the same for your feet. Add a facial mask with cucumbers if you want, and a hot, damp to loosely wrap around your neck. This works better with two people, but will work fine with one. :)

Answer #7

sorry i meant for this to be a answer not a reply

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