Recording Stuidos! Jobs! Help!?

Heeya.. Im at college doin Media. And its all im interested in doing. I study every side of Media possible such as Photography, Magazine production, film, tv so on. Im also learning how to play Guitar and Piano. I wanted a job in that field and only that. But as im only at college and 16. I cant yet obviously get a job like that yet. So I want a job in that field that doesnt need qualifications or eqvauent. Im happy doing a job like making tea in recording studios, im open to absolutly anything aslong as im in that sort of enviroment. I live in Snodland, Kent near Maidstone, chatham and gillingham. So does anyone know of anything going round my area? Like recording studios or anything you can think of really, just to get me started until I finish college. (Hope im making sense here lol) Thanks Kat

Answer #1

Hi there,

I think what you need is an internship. It’s basically getting school credits for doing free work at an establishment in the industry you want to enter. Ask your professors at school if they know of any media internships available.

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Hey, erm, there’s E.S.P studios here in Dartford, it’s near Bluewater. you can give them a try, here’s their MySpace page . hope I could help, let me know how it goes :)

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