What tv shows (or movies) do you recommend?

What tv shows( or movies) do you recommend? cause lately it’s like theres nothing to watch at all it’s either some stupid dating show( or retarded movies for example parental control,next,date movie,disaster movie etc. & for those who like these shows or moves sorry ) & I feel like I just wasted 30 mins of my life lol! If you can recommend some shows(or movies) worth watching Thanks! :)

Answer #1

I watch Heroes, Smallville, Two and a Half Men, CSI Las Vegas and a X of mine got me into Grey’s Antomy for a while. Now my older Sister is into Gossip Girl, Brothers and Sisters, and Dirty Sexy Money, shows like that. However there’s a lot of new shows out this season so surf the channels and see what you find.

Answer #2


Not quite sure if it’s your thing lol but check it out.

You can watch them online here: http://www.surfthechannel.com/show/television/Supernatural.html

Answer #3

Lets go to prison was a funny movie. Yes I just watched it. Basically simple humor.

Answer #4

do you live in america??? because I live in N.Z

Answer #5

What about Dexter??

Answer #6

Thanks! :)

Answer #7

Kay Thanks I’ll check it out now :)

Answer #8

Kung Fu Panda is very good funny movie…

Answer #9

Heroes is a good tv show for movies half bake,friday,next friday,friday after next,waterboy,jay and silent bob strike back,saving slivermen,black knight,orange county,anger mangement,tommy boy,black sheep,dude wheres my car,dumb and dumber,a night at the roxbury,elf

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