What is the reason behind the Global stock market crash?

Nowadays in most of the countries stock market is crashing more often. What do you think what is the main reason behind this global crisis

Answer #1

well its obvious, the people are getting screwed by their leaders, raising prices, lowering wages, etc etc etc. but the saddest thing about it is all of them are getting screwed by the US, who are simultaneously screwing their own people…. its such a mess…. hell japan needs funds to save itself… it cant just CREATE its funds (you know they do make their own money so idk why they cant) Bin Laden has been totally forgotten by the American People, which is WTF…. No one is raising their voice on the lie’s and deceit that the new president has brought with him (homeland security BS is still going on so…) and in general, the pigs are getting so fat and so greedy they will eventually kill us…. but i dont really care, as long as i have my smokes im all set for the ride to hell

woohoo capitalism rocks :D

Answer #2

wow! your words has high weight lol.. i give you 7 points for that . Yea i actually don’t understand about US. Everything gets screwed by them lol. One more thing about laden, when Bush was there laden was there . But now where is laden?

Answer #3

exactly :O

Answer #4


I posted this at another question… but it is still relevant.

Answer #5

good video

Answer #6

yeah… thanks… hope u watch it all…. I disagree with the thought from the narrator that using gold or silver to back a currency is as fraught with potential for manipulation as is the fiat money most western states have now… but the mechanism for how fiat… fractional reserve banking has broken the system is explained effectively.

Answer #7

thnx for the follow!

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