Why can't I get over mine and my boyfriend's cheating?

well, I love my boyfrirend too bits, been with him 6 month and I’d do anythink for him. but in them 6 months I cheated on him with my ex and he knew about it. but he sed he wasnt with anyone then I found that he had a girl friend and when I told his girlfriend for her sake he denied it evan tho I had proof in converstaions that he said he was single:| and evan thoo after al the liesi stil realy love him $ since I went threw a lot with him why cant I just get on with my life? and be happy with my boyfriend?!

Answer #1

Simple- you’re not satisfied in your relationship. People who are happy in loving trusting relationships don’t cheat. Simple as that.

If you’re both straying, what’s the point in sticking around?

Answer #2

noo my boyfriend diddn’t cheat! my ex did on his girlfriend with me but told me that he was single! lol

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