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Am I smart enough to get into college?

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OK, I dont have the best grades. I am always atleast an average student though. I am a senior in highschool and I am really worried about college. My english grades are ok but my math is absolutley AWFUL. I have been tutored and I've studied and stayed after class to get help...I dont know what I am going to do.
I am very interested in photography so I was hoping to do something in this area. like maybe open up a studio someday after I work my way up, I live in a city where there is a community college. I will def. be able to get into this college for two years then hopefully be able to transfer into a University. It has Always always been my dream to attend this college. both my mom and dad went there. I just have to get in. I am clueless on how this works so is there anyone out there who could tell me if its possible for me
here is my grades so far as a senior in highschool( the first 1/2 of our first nine weeks of school this year)
My SAT score was - 1380 but at the end of this month im taking it again
English(Vocab/LIt/Grammar) - 82
Bible- 92
Math(consumer)- 72 my math grades werent high enough to take chemistry or calculus so I will be taking them in college...:(
General science-85
Home Ec(elective)-99
I am not athletic enough to get a scholarship which is another bad thing for me. I have been on the varsity basketball team once as a sophmore and onece on the softball team my jr. year. The school I attend has something against me, its a fact by the way. They wont ever let me be on the teams so I dont get a chance to shine at all. When I was a kid up to about a sophmore in highschool I played on leagues away from school, I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball and baseball. I could be really good but nobody will ever know because I dont have a chance to play.Just please tell me if I have a chance. am I even smart enough to get into college? And not just a community college?