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who likes what store better??? abercrombie & fitch, hollister, or hot topic?

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I agree with juicyblonde28

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neither one...can't afford it.

teen clothing places?

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Hot Topic hands down... I hate the other 2... sorry lol

Where can I buy punk clothes in Ottawa?
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eileen sorry I only put up whats there, so answer and tell me whats your favv

scene clothes

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hot topic!!!

Where do you people get your clothes from?
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Hot Topic!

What is the best place to find punk/unique clothes??

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hollisters cheap looking
and everyyyoneee in the world wears it.

a&f is classy :D

Where can i get AFFORDABLE scene/emo clothes?
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I like abercrombie because I feel a lot of the clothes give off a more sophisticated attitude (very NYC), hollister is just too laid back for me.. and im not into the whole surfer california thing but I do own a few things from there that I dont really wear anymore. and I think hot topic has cool jewelry; I bought this really cool angel wing necklace from there.

Where can i get cheap clothes from SuperDry make ?

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