Really confused:S

Can someone Give me advice:( im really really down lately and its all caz of this boy :( I Reeeally like him and he has a girlfriend:( whenever im on his bebo his page is like I love my girlfriend and when they write to each other they say “love you loads” and its really getting me down because I have to see that and I cant have him I just want that with him:( what am I supposed to do? it annoys me because she doesnt love him as much as he does he addores her and she thinks she can treat him anyway caz she knows he wont dump her:(

Answer #1

is there actually NO WAY I could get him?

Answer #2

sometimes people say I love you just to make their boyfriend/girlfriend jealous it doesnt mean anything but tell him how to feel

Answer #3

I had this problem, I blocked everyway of me getting to his bebo page and msn and tried to forget about him. Then I had a rebound and then I was happy again. So ya, liek. do that x

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