Can i get an std from this?

ok soo... me and my boyfriend went to the movies and after the movie when everyone was gone we went into the corner and started to make out and I was wearing a little dress and he started to jam him finger down there. I had my underwear on and I felt them get wet. I was moaning and had an orgasim. I was just wondering can I get a std from this or anything like that. and then he started to hump me but all are clothes were still on. im really confused please help me!

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but is this considered fingering?

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All little boys are horny. It doesnt take much. Pretty much anything, or anyone can trun them on, but you really do need to control your behavior or things are going to get way out of hand, like they just did!

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no you cant get an std unless he actually had his finger inside you and something was on his finger like a cut or something...

I would totally say something like you should so not do that in a movie theatre but me and my boyfriend kinda did that
except it was during the movie and we were like the only ones watching that

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well its kinda hard to do that anywhere else because we cant to that at home were 14 and its hard for us to b alone with easchother. without r parents and stuff

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OMG you did that in a cinema!!! lol nah not unless he had a cut on his finger which bled when he fingered ya lol thts unlikely anyway

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haha thts the only time when were alone

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hahah I dont need to do anything my body supposdly seduces him and makes him horny as hell!!! ahha

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no noone was in there we waited untill all the people had left. it was after the movie.

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no, you can't get an std from that...

damn mccain.. THIS is why we need sexual education class.

What,,, can you std's from fingering yerr self?

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