Is it better to keep it real or put on a front?

Answer #1

Keep it real, the truth will come out eventually

Answer #2

Keep it by putting it on front street :-)

Answer #3

Ooops meant keep it real by putting it on front street

Answer #4


Answer #5

Keep it real, always! No matter what, be you!

Answer #6

Well that all depends, keeping it real is good in most cases, but some people still won’t “get” it or be satisfied with that. So, in that case, do whatever just to keep them moving on and away from you. On second thought, with those people, I try to just keep quiet.

Answer #7

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Answer #8

we’re not buddies

Answer #9

lol that was kinda wack. :P

Answer #10

Keep it real,real gives a person good feelings, and at the same time, yourself is fell free,relax and happy.

Answer #11

I have to agree in most inctances keeping it real, is the way to go if you want to be honest with yourself. But some situatons like job inteviews or testing that may have you answering according to knowing what they want to hear rather then what you’d like to say. There’s more shades of grey then black and white when it comes to life.

Answer #12

Keep it real in a nice way (:

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