Are you ready to become a movie star if given an opportunity?

Answer #1

Why not?the opportunity comes once (; I’ve been taking part in Theater already,been learning something from,if there’s a chance to be a movie star I think its like a bonus :D

Answer #2

Why not?! I love acting and it would be an amazing oppurtounity!

Answer #3

personaly, no. after having a brief moment as one when a i won a competition involving heading to the MTV studio in sydney, australia and being filmed and co-hosting a top 6 music countdown with a popular australia celebrity which was on mtv, i can honestly say though the expirience of it was interesting and fun, im not ready for it. a LOT of work goes into it, your reading a script, and repeating the same words and actions many times in a row, theres also lighting all around you and things used to make the lighting good, your laways being touched up by make-up at inconvinient times. then theres the hassling from paparazzi and fans that real celebrities expirience. very few of them have personal lifes, whatevere you do ends up in the news,in a magazine and on awebsite. and were ever you go our beng followed…its not exactly a nice thing…especially when there driving and paparazzi are following them like there trying o hnt you down…thoug there are lots of people who enjoy it all and make a arreer out of it, its no were near as easy as a lot of people think it might be

Answer #4

If you are really working in a theater it will be a bonus for you and it seems you also have the confidence with you. So, it’s to know positive things from your side

Answer #5

Lot f work goes into it for sure.But as you get some experience here, it becomes more and more easier for you then isn’t it? anyways, being a celebrity is not everyone’s bread as there are many things which has to be considered than just acting. Celebrities do have to sacrifice a lot for just being a celebrity and it is definitely not easy. Celebrities life will not be as colorful as we think

Answer #6

Well I think it depends on our hearts.if u really want to work into it then u need to be ready.paparazzi,news,and whatever u spell it all considered as risks of getting into it…

Answer #7

Not for me. I prefer a simple life with my family. Being a movie star would be huge stress and no privacy and definitely not worth the money for me.

Answer #8

Yes!!!! thats my dream ive already written enough songs to fill 1 1/2 cds. someday your gona see TWIX in lights!!!

Answer #9

Yes!!!! thats my dream ive already written enough songs to fill 1 1/2 cds. someday your gona see TWIX in lights!!!

Answer #10

I would be. MY secret dram ;)

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