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Would you read these novels based on the plot?

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1- I was Rebbeca Lemmings; in his eyes I was the rich Becky Lemmings. Then... I became the missing Becky Lemmings. Kidnapped on a normal night of partying and hidden in a ramshackle cottage. People were hunting for me, people I have never met or cared about in my life. But I was cared for by my capturer, fed, clothed, treated with respect. Obviously I'd fall inlove with him, because Becky Lemming's life is not normal. One problem though. When he got his ransom, when he was certain noone knew it was him; when everything settled down and my family waited with baited breath for my return, I wouldn't be coming back... To anywhere. And Becky Lemmings, with all her titles, would be dead.

2- A war is growing in the Northern Realm- and a Princess of Shein must decide whom she is fighting for: her Kingdom, or the man that took her from it.

3- Dree Aspir is one of the last of her kind. Millions of humans fought against the up rise of Vampires, and she was amongst the hundreds that survived. Hidden away and constantly on the run, humans are hunted like game. Dree is captured and sold as a blood slave. Tortured, ripped apart and bled almost dry, Dree vows to stay alive. There is no love story, no candle in the darkness, no life lessons. This is just a story of a girl who fought back.