Who's read the 50 Shades of Grey?

Answer #1


Answer #2

Not me!!!! I hate reading!!!(:

Answer #3

i herd its good

Answer #4

You couldn’t pay me to read that garbage.

Answer #5

I keep hearing about this. What is it?

Answer #6

I’m not a book worm, but I’ve heard from a friend that it’s really good? She’s eager for me to read it, yet it doesn’t seem to interest me at all :L

Answer #7

i read it. all i gota say is that it is wayyyyyyy better then twilight lol

Answer #8

NO but I want to! :/ My mom wont let me

Answer #9

I read a few passages in a library, and as I’ve said in a previous answer about 50 Shades “It’s a dire piece of poorly written, infantile dreck for women who haven’t been aroused since their wedding night, by an author with the literary skills of a toddler” it’s really, really bad. I can only hope any aspiring author isn’t inspired or influenced by it.

Answer #10

I have. I don’t care what anybody thinks, I enjoyed it and think that it’s helping a lot of other women discover new things which can’t be a bad thing.

Answer #11

What is the content about?

Answer #12

Not yet! I want to though!

Answer #13

Haven’t read it, but have heard very, very mixed reviews. Makes me want to have a flip through just to see what all of the very black and white reviews are about though.

Answer #14

My bf said it was a very weird book lol n told me not to read it! So hey idk haha I’m sure it’s different for everyone we all have different taste in books.

Answer #15

‘tis smut, lol. Pōrn without pictures.

Answer #16

Yeahhh… why doesn’t that surprize me cherry? lol

Answer #17

agreed :)

Answer #18

Time mag said it was rubbish, I asked a friend and she said it was terrible but nevertheless that she read it to the very last page, good or bad its all everyone is talking about…so I finally surrendered to curiosity and just ordered it this morning…at least this way I’ll be able to have an opinion. Skeptical but Will let you know.

Answer #19

I ended up giving into the hype for once.. But I hate reading. Got the audio book. (This was probably not a good idea for that book XD). Was.. Good. Depends on what you like and dislike.

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