Crazy rave outfit

how can I get a maximum afect out of cloths I have at home for a crazy rave outfit I only have til tomorrow help !!

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mix and match
try to find fluro colours, fishnet, fluffy fabric and neon,
even bright coloured spandex if you have any
anything that glows in the dark or flashes is good too
huge furry leg warmers are pretty popular and can easily be made if youve got some fluffy fabric, needle and thread

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get glow in the dark sh!t. I had these plastic glow in the dark "threads" sort of kids use to weave these funky keychains out of and I tied them together and put them in my hair and wove them around through the loops of my pants. Get parachute pants if your brother or guy friend have them. I stole mine from a friend. Anything neon colored or white to glow in black light. try glow in the dark makeup and nail polish (they have all this sh!t in halloween stores or party city's damn near halloween so go's cheap! they even sell some stuff in supermarkets)

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mix anything with bright colours together, that should do the trick.

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