Rarest eye colour?

what in your opinions the rarest eye colour?

Answer #1

mine are gold.I got my grandfathers eyes.


Answer #2

xx_the_a7x_parade_xx - wow… it sounds like your eyes are BEAUTIFUL! Mine are just a boring normal color, but I think the rarest are colors like purple, greyish blues, some greens and stuff like that.

Answer #3

I’m not sure about the rarest eye color…probably purple

As for the oddest though…my oldest son has dark (like dark chocolate) eyes but his left one on one side is this dark chocolate color while the other side is gold. Very unusual and it looks really neat.

Answer #4

blue/ green

Answer #5

Blue-Green-Grey eyes are a relatively rare eye color and the exact color is often perceived to vary according to its surroundings.

Answer #6

red albino

Answer #7


Answer #8

Hehe, a lot of people are saying there eye colour is rare. People are funny. I think a super light shade of green. And I mean super. Or a really dark shade of green, too. I would love to see someone with purples eyes one day, though.

Answer #9

There’s plenty of them out there. Mine are considered to be rather rare - they’re a icy greyish blue color and they’re NOT contacts. They’re 100% natural. They’re an awesome shade of blue… I love them.

Answer #10

My eyes are bashe… I dont know anyone with that eye color so I think bashe is rare :)

Answer #11

My sister has a really really bright blue color that I’ve never seen anyone else have.

Answer #12

I Have blue- green- gray eyes and im the only one in my entire family with something like that other than my brother, who has more green. xx_the_a7x_parade_xx <<< Finally, somone who has the same eye colour as me.

Answer #13

I have grey-green-blue-yellow-brown eyes mixed together the yellow is near my pupil and the brown is outside the yellow bit then the green-blue mix together to make a pure grey colour I mean a pure grey and my mum has simlar eye colour but my brother has a brown eye and the other eye is green and my other little brothers eye colour is a really bright blue colour and my dads is a litghtish blue colour like a water kind of blue colour me and my brother has the rarest eye colours eveyone says how beautiful my eye colour is and is fasanated by it

Answer #14

Mine are a boring Hazel. Depending what I wear, they are light brown, green, or dark brown. If the light hit them right, I was told that my eyes actually change colors. like Hazel to green, or dark brown to green!

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