What are the religions of some rappers?

Do you know the religion of any rappers?

Answer #1

That’s because every US President was or claimed to be Christian, but that will change too.

I prefer the ‘land of the free’ it sounds better than the ‘land of the narrow-minded thumpers’

Answer #2

Wow i believe name calling is really pathetic(narrow-minded thumpers), anyway i am a Christian and I respect others for their religious choices, so please lets try and be respectful, since it is supposed to be ‘the land of the free’

Answer #3

So, what happened to ‘separation of church and state’ ?

Every single US president that’s ever been swarn in…was using a bible ;)

What “seperation” between church & state are you referring to?

Answer #4

Don’t most people in the music industry in the US “thank god” when they get their awards, etc?

And in the US, it’s not politically correct to “thank god” unless it’s a Christian god. Unfortunate, but true.

Answer #5

This country was founded upon Christian principles by Christians… but, it is slowly being torn apart by unbelievers… that are trying to remove any and every reference to God… out of sight, out of mind… Believers need to rise up and take a stand… if we are to remain a Christian country…

and as for the rappers… you can usually tell who or what they serve by listening to the words of their music…

some are Christian, many are not…

Sex, vulgarity, and money is the religion of many …

Answer #6

You need to change your username, its just going to confuse people…

Answer #7

…and this country was also founded on oppression & slavery of natives too. Should we reassume THAT course as well?

Answer #8


So, what happened to ‘separation of church and state’ ??

Answer #9

Because everyone is narrow minded. People will look down on you for not being a christian these days. Everyone that wants to be anyone in the media and mainstream usually have to be Christians. This makes me rage.

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