What's your favorite rap song?

What’s your favorite rap song?

Answer #1

always strapped- lil wayne and birdman you got beef- chuckie akenz cop killer/ 9-1-1 is a joke- the game and songs that I make

Answer #2

The Way I am When I’m Gone Mockingbird Puke (kind of digusting in the very beginning) The Real Slim Shady Cleaning Out My Closet Stan Crazy In Love Kim (a lot of people might not like it. but I listen to the lyrics not really the music part)

all by eminem

Answer #3

right now I really like: None shall Pass- Aesop Rock Twinz - Big Pun

Answer #4

I hate rap, but, I guess I would say, I like the bloodhound gang but I forget the name of the song. I think its goes like “you and me baby anit nothing but mammals, so lets do it like they do it on the discovery channel” thats just funny

Answer #5

Sugarhill Gang - Rapper’s Delight

Answer #6

Mims - Move remix. feat. Gillie Da Kid

Answer #7

tie my hands by lil wayne

Answer #8

Mind Over Matter - The Grouch & Eligh…scikwithit song!!:)

Answer #9

get low-lil wayne thug story-T pain and taylor swift (this one is interesting)

Answer #10

Undead - Hollywood Undead.

Answer #11

probably something by Will Smith, Nelly- Country Grammer and Ride Wit Me =P

Answer #12

SWEEP the flo!!!

Answer #13

Akala - Shakespeare :)

Answer #14

Mine is lollipop by lil wayne:) Kinda old but its the best! I like Best I’ve ever had by Drake too.

Answer #15

Beautiful by Eminem

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