range rover can you make an old one look newer?

help… I really want a range rover but am on a low budget. do you think if I got a cheaper range rover I could get a mechanic or someone like that to make it look like the newer versions. I know I sound confusing but I just need some adviceee helppp! x

Answer #1

If you are on a low budget I don’t think you need a Range rover. I saw a nice one on craigslist not to long ago for like 4K. though. Gas is going clean your pockets b/c you will need supreme. I just got a bmw 740il and gas is expensive.

Answer #2

Uhhh… ‘low budget’ Range Rovers don’t really exist. RRs are generally expensive to buy, and expensive to maintain. They are pretty strict with their warranties too, requiring ONLY certified RR service centers to do maintenance. And in many cases, the dealership is the only place around… cha… ching…

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