Where do all these random pains come from?

i get on and off headaches that last a few minutes and are just on one side and then i get random body aches like on my arms or my abdominal as well as sore breasts like just a sharp little pain that quickly goes away, should i be worried? or what are ALL the possible reasons for this??

Answer #1

you can be dehydrated. thats one reason.

Answer #2

Not eating right, not enough water, … really there are so many things that could be causing it, but if you aren’t eating right and drinking enough water, that plays a part.

Answer #3

a voodoo doll or you was made :O. but in all seriousness, it sounds like some kind of pre-effect to a stroke or something. if it gets worse, definitly tell a parent or doctor.

Answer #4

a sroke? haha shes 14 she has an extremely rare chance of getting a stroke.

Answer #5

but still has a chance. its the little things that count. O_O

Answer #6

if its more around ur upper body the chest part it may be ur breast starting to grow a little more probly not enough to really notice yet the same thing happened to me alot withen a year i went from a size b to ccup same thing when i got to a d cup dont worry it should were down just eat right and try having a warm bath if it last more then 20 min

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