Random chicken question!!!

If a chicken ate some fried chicken would it know its eatin chicken or think its chicken food??

Answer #1

It probably wouldn’t eat it at all, given that the chicken is used to eating grains and would most likely be put off by the smell or taste of fried chicken.

It wouldn’t be much different than if someone were to try and feed you mud.

Answer #2

if they ate it, no, they wouldnt know theyd just think of it as food same as if you give beef to a cow or pork to a pig hell even if you roasted a human and fed it to a human they wouldnt know theyd probably just think its some exotic animal the human wont know what it is unless you tell them and seeing as though aniimals dont speak english we cant tell them there eating one of there own kind

Answer #3

um… canibal chickens? wow… 8o

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