Racism about beauty

Well some kid ask me for my note book and I did not give him looked ugly and the other guy is hadsom , (im not gay) he asked me for it and I gave it to him instantly ,and one time this ugly kid say hi to me , I said : do I know you but if nice looking kid say hi I will say hi immeadiatly I do like this a lot … Really , a lot , but I dont mean to do so ,

Answer #1

your opinions of others influence the way you interact with them. This is normal for everybody, but not everyone acts negative to someone, according to the arrangement of a persons face.

Answer #2

that just means you a very judgemental person and dont accept people unless they physically appealing which is not a good thing at all because true beauty comes from within and those that you do tend to help out (the attractive people) you will find are fake and would never do the same in return and are probably using you… stop being so shallow and be the bigger person in society

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