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What is a good Race/Class in World of Warcraft?

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ok i have a Nightelv hunter who is lvl 55, worgen rouge lvl 15(i think) and a Orc shaman like lvl(9, 10 or 11 cant remember). ok so what i need help in is what is just a good easy race/class in WoW i will try any of the class and race i am able to make a DK if they r good to lvl up in(tried them but did not care for them). Also what r some of your favorits Toons that you all have that you really liked. this is for PvP only i dont do any of the other types in the game. I KNOW EVERYONE SAYS THERE IS NOT A BEST ONE BUT COME ON YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR BEST ONE. sorry for how long this is.