Rabbit breeding

What qualities should a rabbit breeder have. In other words if someone wanted to breed rabbits for selling what is it that people look at when they go to buy a bunny etc.?

Answer #1

okay I am a ARBA member rabbit breeder. I breed Netherland dwarfs. dutch and dwarf hotots. here are the steps to be a successful bunny breeder. when somone wants to buy a bunny they look for qualities that match what they want the bunny for they could want it for meet, pets, show, or just brood stalk

#1 make sure you have the time, space, and cages for at least 15 bunnies #2 Arba has recodnized 47 rabbit breeds so first you must choose one #3 study your selected breed learn the breed standards (I recomend the book by ARBA) #4 find a quality rabbit breeder in your area that raises your selected breed #5 meet up with the breeder and see if his/her bunnies meet the breeds standards #6 once you find the breeder you would like to perchase your bunny from buy a good buck and a good doe #7 register with ARBA. by the way ARBA means American rabbit breeders association #8 remember sdudy your breed all the time. other breeds to you can never get to mutch bunny information #9 find a near by rabbit show and go to it not to show your bunnies but just to get the feel and just of it. and talk to rabbit breeders. tell them you are new us rabbit folk love to share our bunny information #10 remember study study study!!!

my website is www.freewebs.com/buttonbunz

any more questions just funmail me. remember us bunny people love givin info

Answer #2

Make sure not to sell them around easter thats when most bunnyies end up in sheltyers

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