r we going into another depression?

my s.s teacher told us that we might go into a deep depression. are we? and what gonan happen if we do?

Answer #1

yep I think we are, times are gonna get ROUGH I mean like people are already getting laid off from work and jobs are hard to find now days…and without jobs its gonna be HARD to live on lil money.

Answer #2

are we? Yes, very soon we will see a larger drop in housing sales, jobs created, and overall trade deficit continue to go against our favor.

and what gonan happen if we do? There will be many jobs created for public works. The Govt deficit will continue to grow for providing aid to those who have never asked for it, and all the “return to work” programs. We may see the socialization of health care, retirement, banks, wages. The last sentence is in extreme circumstances.

Answer #3

Well the unemployment rates are going up, it’s a possibility. I mean economy’s not exactly at it’s highest peak…

Answer #4

It isn’t as bad as it was in the 30’s, but economically were doing way poor.

Answer #5

I think that we are.. I just learned the other day about the 20 yr curse thing, I think its 20 years,haha because the last time our economy was really rockin was in the 80’s and then it starting going to sh*t in the 90’s, and sucks even more now..so I don’t know if we do get into another one, it wont be nearly as dramatic as the Great Depression…and supposedly our Gvmt has back up plans and what not if we do happen to get too deep… all I know is Obama better step up, first he says tax cut for middle class, not he says maybe not, then he says “by the end of my term, the national deficit[sp?] will be cut in half, and now its expected to double+.


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