How can you get the qwerty keybord to pop up on your computer screen?

My laptops qwerty keyboard stoped working and everything else works I jusr need to know how to make that come up with out typing something in.

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Start - All programs - Accessories - Accessibility - On-Screen Keyboard

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On my laptop ot has accessories but no accessibility. And when I click accessories it only lists: calculator, command prompt, connect to a projector, getting started, notepad, paint, remote desktop connection, run, snipping tool, sound recorder, sticky notes, cync center, windows explorer, wondows mobility center, and world pad. Nothing about on skreen keyboard.

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You can click on ease of access and then it says on screen keyboard.

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is that xp? im really starting to forget everything about windows xp now :O

windows 7 and im guessing vista, guessing as in ive never used it are both the same: windows logo/start - all programs [programmes if your in the uk] - accessories - ease of access - on-screen keyboard.

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