What are games to play with my boyfriend over the phone?

quick question what are some games I can play with my boyfriend over aim or the phone thanx ~kaitlyn~

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Ask him what he would wanna do if you were there wit him ,, & maybe tell him the same ... etc.

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talk dirty to him and etc..have phone sex and tell him if he was with you right now then you would do what you want to him and he will say yeah etc...

hope I help and there is always truth or dare lol

good luck


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truth or dare! or if you want to get naughty I say phone sex! me and boyfriend we talk about what we are going to do when he picks me up from the airport and it always ends up naughty lol and we end up having phone sex! its fun in away my boyfriend gets real turned on! lol and we give nick names like he calls lady down stair mami bear and I call his mr down there papa bear lol

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question game. Ask flirty questions... Ex. Color of... Size of... Etc

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If you both can be pretty honest (I guess this is a good way to find out), you can play games like War and other card games...just with two decks. Its sorta fun...just set a time limit to count the cards because otherwise it'd go forever...

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phone sex or would you rather

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lol play 20 questions about a part of your body...
ex. is it long? is it hard?


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if you both got webcams play truth or dare and twist it up or if you really want to get crazy play a game and each time some one wins one peice of clothing gets removed haha thats just me.

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tell your boyfriend 2 start wankin and tell you how it is then you start feelin your tits then just keep going on like that talk dirty and just roll with it lol

good luck

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play 20 questions
or one of yu say something and da other says da 1st thing that pops in there head like that bck and forth
or who can make da lounds moan.

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Over webcams
Request a piece of clothing to be removed (best to start with socks, tights etc). Then the first person has to ask the second person to return the favor and remove an item of their clothing. (If it is socks it counts as a pair). Just continue like this until you're both naked.

Over the phone
Ask a question about their clothing like
"Are you wearing a blouse?" or "Are your trousers blue?"
If they get it right then the receiver of the question must remove that item. The first person naked loses and has to send a picture!

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if you just want to be cute and flirty... say lets ask eachother questions... and ask things like, how much do you love me, but if your looking to spice the conversation up... and just dont know how to start it... ask something like... how would you show me you love me if you were here?
because I know how I would show you... or something like that... haha

truth or dare...
phone sex... and I don't know how that works... never done it before...
all I know is a question you could ask to get it started... just say something like... if you were here right now, and we were laying on my bed... would you prefer melted chocolate, whipped cream, or both?
haha that ould get you somewhere:D

hop e I helped... sorry it was so long... lol

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You should play a game like guess what I am wearing and everytime the person guess wrong they have to come out of a piece of clothing...and who ever gets naked first lose so they have to send a picture

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well some games I would play with my boyfriend over ther th phone is to ask him questions about his ex or we can play truth or dare and evry time he lies he owes me a kiss

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