Why are people so stupid...

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I agree with ichibanarky you need a question mark at dah end of your question...duh???
people are not stupid it just depends on how much they been thought or how much they know. but if your talkin bout crazy as in stupid then dats another story...

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That's pretty harsh.

"People" are not stupid...only certain individuals possess that less than attractive trait.

Still, if you get rid of expectation, you'll find yourself less disappointed in others.

It also depends on what you consider "stupid".
You asked a question without a question mark. What does that make you?

Straight People!!! Who Would...

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y do p[eople use such big words

isnt this stupid?
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Whoa! I think you need a balance of intelligence and stupidity or ignorance, to make the world go around.

Is the name Alessandra stupid?

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