When can we make our questions anonymous again?

I have a brother on here somewhere and he doesn’t need to know… some things I ask about lol..

Answer #1

my big bro either is here,and am not comfort with that.probably he,s waiting from me to get of from computer so he can see my questions. GO TO HELL ALEX!!!!!!!!!! i know he,ll read this.so same here moe214 i also want to make my questions anonymous

Answer #2

No immediate word on that yet…however, you can ask a trusted friend to post the question for you, so it doesn’t point to you.

Answer #3

You can make another account =/

Answer #4

Can’t you make it anonymous now? I thought all you had to do was within 15 minutes of posting your question, click edited then check the box that makes the question anonymous.

Answer #5

No. Creating multiple accounts are against the ToU, which your were supposed to read, and agree to when signing up. =/

Answer #6

naaaa,dude dont think about making another account.its against the rules

Answer #7

No, it doesn’t work right now.

Answer #8

Yeah, that’s true. I just don’t want him knowing about my… love life lol :) Thanks, Colleen.

Answer #9

No! Bad! Bad sintric, BAD! :P

Answer #10

oh. =/

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