How many questions are you allowed to ask ?

I’m new to this and was wondering if someone could tell me if there is a limit as to how many questions you can ask in a certain time period ? ex:like in a 24hr period x amount of question ..thx in advance :)

Answer #1

As many as you like provided they aren’t duplicates, and you really NEEDED the advice, etc….

if it’s duplicate or excessively opinion driven, or a few other things, it may end up being moved to status updates.

Also, people who have no photos, and never answer questions, have a much harder time of getting answers…so while you may finish up asking a dozen or more questions, if you ask that many in a day, you may only get answers to a few of them.

Answer #2

This isnt yahoo answers, we dont have a limit :] aslong as they are REAL questions, ask away :)

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