questions about emancipation and stuff.

okay so I have a few questions about emancipation and stuff.

  1. when you get emancipated I know you’re supposed to be able to support yourself financially and stuff. when you’re a minor and you have a job and you want to get emancipated do you also get your bank account money?
  2. I’m guessing you have to have a good reason to get emancipated. what if a parent was physically abusive and isn’t anymore but is more verbally abusive and there is something wrong with that parent for sure. like anger issues and just not right.
  3. when you get emancipated does that change the driving laws for you too?

and I have questions that don’t have to do with emancipation

  1. if you got money yourself, whether you worked for it or people gave it to you for an occasion or something of the sort, and then your parents take it and won’t give it to you to buy something with it, is that considered stealing and do they have the right to do that since it’s your money?

  2. even though parents are in charge of your bank account money until you’re 18, can they take all the money out of your own bank account and use it on themselves?

btw, I’m a minor. obviously.

Answer #1
  1. Your bank account should be in your own name, and that means you are the only person who should be able to access it.
  2. The reasons for emancipation are up to the judge’s discretion and actually vary from one situation to another.
  3. No - the driving laws don’t change for you.

  1. Your parents can’t technically take your money, but it’s unlikely that the police will bother getting involved.
  2. If the bank account is in holding until you’re 18, they do have access to it and can use it…you can get your own account, even as a minor.
Answer #2

…actually, in some states, the driving laws are different for emancipated teens.

If a judge emancipates you, your parents no longer have any legal right to your finances.

You need to check the laws in your state (they are all available on line these days) to see what age is eligible for emancipation. If you are younger than the specified age (Usually 17), then the CDC will step in upon your request and place you in foster care until then.

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